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Popular Sririirr }fnnflili/


���The spectacle of this one thousand-ton Exposition building floating scrcnciy down San Francisco Bay caused residents of the Coast to doubt the testimony of their own eyes

��"Bon Voyage" to the Ohio State Building!

THAT all of the splendid architectural masterpieces which made of the Panama Exposition grounds a veritable fairyland were not doomed to inglorious destruction after their short span of life is evidenced by our photograph, in which the Ohio State Building is seen taking a leisurely and dignified trip down San Francisco Bay.

The building, which weighs more than a thousand tons and which was a con- spicuous feature of the Exposition, was purchased by a Country' Club patronized by the elite society of San Carlos, Call- ' fornia. Arrange- ments for its transportation down the bay be- gan with the hir- ing of a number of barges which were lashed to- gether to form a raft on which the building was mounted. It was towed by tugs to San Carlos, a distanccof twentj'- three miles.

��The guard consists pended from the end with a stationary

��To Protect the Fingers of the Woodworker

THERE is probably no badge which designates the woodworker or cabi- netmaker so surely as the mutilated fingers which most of them earn*-. So intent does the worker become on the task of getting and keeping his accurate measurements for the cutting process that the danger to his fingers is forgotten until too late. But the fingers of the woodworker cannot come into accidental contact with the blade of the vertical cut- ter-head of his woodworking machine if the machine is equipped with the new safety-guard illustrated. This guardisof cylindrical form, consist- ing of spaced rods extending be- tween tvS'O rings, the upper of which is in engagement with a sleeve which is telescopically and adjustably mount - .^ ^^^^^_ ed on a cylinder.

^•"i^^^^^ The cylinder is

suspended from the free end of an arm which is connected with a supporting standard. This construction ad- mits of raising the protecting

f ... cage or guard and

of a cylinder sus- , . v ,

of an arm connected adjusting the

supporting standard CUttcr-blades.

��� �