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Popular Science Monthly


��Forty Miles an Hour on the Water

A BOAT has been dL-signcd by D. N. Brown, of ('■rand Ha\X'n, Mich., whirli, on test runs, has attained a speed of forty miles an hour. The body of thr craft is made of thin gal vanizcd iron o\er a basswond framework two feet wide and twent\- feet long. Two gal- vanized iron air-tanks are attached to an outrigger five feet from the rear end on both sides. When the four-cylinder motor, set in the rear, whirls a six-inch prtjpellcr, the prow rises out of the water a:;d the craft skims along like a huge bird over the surface, the entire weight resting on about three feet of the stern. The two tanks maintain the equilibrium.

The boat has pro\ed a success in all ways and the in\entor believes, with an improved design, that he will have a craft capable of making sixty miles an hour without being crowded.

It is e\-ident that the inventor reduces skin friction as much as he can, for which reason he is able to travel at high speed in his boat.


��What Ho! The Jitney Yacht HAT e\ery man who runs may cruise the seven seas, a jitney

���Forty miles an hour is the claim of the inventor of this

craft, which partially rises out of the water when

it is under full speed

��of this rakish craft. Lie down comfort- ably upon the keel of the ship (which should be so laid as not to interfere un- duly with an\of your spinal peculiarities), grasp the conical rudder-control with both hands, set your gaze intently upon your goal and pedal for dear life.

The rudder is a ball and socket affair that will steer the ship in any direction in the water. The pedal-propeller- gearing is at a two to one ratio to insure speed, and the pontoons ,1 .1, are inflated to the required buoyancy; i.e., to float about one-third out of the water.

With a score of these one-man scouts darting across the water a battleship's squadron might anchor in perfect secur- ity and laugh at the deadly submarine. Or they might be hitched tandem, so that you may invite your fair lady to take the air on the ocean and sa\e not only the carfare to the nearest beach, but bath-house hire as well.

��The timid swimmer can now go through all the motions

of swimming while being supported by a concealed


��yacht has been evolved. It is indeed a peace ship — a one-piece — one man, semi- submersible. .\ glance at the anatomical chart appended, will explain the action

��New York is the World's Luxury Market

LONDON, the world's central market for the sale of luxuries of every de- scription, has been practical- ly closed and New York has taken its place. ("ustom House records show that the imports of the "luxur\' class" ha\e increased enormous- ly, particularly in the items of precious stones and works of art. As a single example, the Amer- ican automobile industry's imports of crude rubber in the past year amounted to more than Si I i,ooo,000.

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