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This page needs to be proofread.

How the Automobile and Motor- Truck

���While its two-wheeled trailer was being loaded with sand from an over- head hopper, the truck shown above saved tug- boat hire by hooking to a loaded scow and pulling it along to the dock where it had to be unloaded

��Below: The "health wagon" of the Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Associ- ation. It carries its own motion-picture show and professional " barker "

���At left: A motorcycle clothes closet which de- livers garments without creasing or wrapping them. A dozen hangers hold the clothes high enough so that bundles can be placed under them

Below: Illuminated fend- ers instead of headlights. The light is thrown for- ward and downward, so that it shows up the condition of the roadway im- mediately in front of the automobile


�� �