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This page needs to be proofread.

Housekeeping Made Easy

����Separating the cream from the milk with a simple disk and wire device

��A foot control enables the operator of the motor-driven sewing machine to stop or turn on the current as de- sired by pushing a pedal down or up

���A combined pan cleaner and scraper. The scraper is of steel and the cleaner of cloth or broom bristles

��A table which has an invisible com- partment directly under its top for

��away the extra leaves

���A clothes rack attached to the head or foot of the bedpost can be adjusted to any position

����Above : Pasquale Amato, the operatic baritone, talking into a telephone that to all appear- ances is a paper doll

��A tmique bill file in the form of a defensive cat with the tail sharp- ened to a point at the end to receive the bills


�� �