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This page needs to be proofread.

Housekeeping Made Easy

���A sink with a built-in dish- pan. A double set of sieves fit into the pan part, which may be lifted out at any time

��Not a wastepaper basket but an ornamental rack in which kitchen utensils may be kept concealed

��A window lock which is fastened to the top of the lower sash and will prevent the window from rattling

����A garbage can with a sanitary cover which pre- vents insects from entering once it is closed

��An electric motor for the sewing machine. The foot operates the switch. In the circle at right is shown the motor in place

�����A mustard dispenser. You get the mustard by re- moving the cap from the spout and by turning the crank in the top of cover

��An automatic soap re- ceptacle. A spring pressed panel, as shown at the right, makes it possible for the re- ceptacle to be swimg up out of the way


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