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Mud— Wod They Called the Great God Budd


�����Photos © Newman Traveltalka and Brown <t Dawson

��India boasts of nine specific religions and almost innumerable gods. Above is the terrible God of Thvmder and Lightning with his thunder-bolts in hand. The image is made of bronze with ivory teeth and horns. Glowing rubies represent the eyes. During the hot, dry season, which begins in March, the Hindus hefjin making sacrifices to this fiend-god so that when the rain dees come it may not do more harm dian good, as is sometimes the case in this land of climatic extremes

���In a niche in the entrance hall of the Temple of lyeasu, Japan, is the exquisitely carved golden demon-dog Wo, which is shown in the photograph above. It is a terror to thieves

��Usually the gods and goddesses of plenty carry fruits and vegetables in their hands, but this Chinese god measures abundance in jewels and gold in a very occidental manner


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