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Do It with Tools and Machines

���The paper-roll holder has a cutter attachment which is operated by a slight pressure of the thumb on the handle that turns the roll

��Riein posrtion ■tor saw jointing

File opening

���A two-way valve tool used to remove the cotter or to compress a spring by the action of a, thumbnut, the jaws working both ways

��Position of tile for teeth sharpening

���Valve disks which have become pitted and rough can be quickly smoothed up with this reseating attachment

��By the use of this handle a three- cornered file may be held in two different positions for jointing and filing the teeth of a saw

��A flashlight holder for the use of the mechanic to enable him to direct the light to the exact spot where it is needed

����With this tap-wrench holes may be bored and threads cut in places otherwise inaccessible

��The workman on the left is carrying his portable stand equipped with a vise to a pipe-cutting and threading job. On the right he is shown with the stand erected. Here it is being used as a pipe-bending device


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