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Popular Science Monthly


��Simply Turn the Faucet and the Sausages Are Filled

IX making sausages and bolognas the meat is first chopped and highly seasoned. Then it is forced under pressure into a cylindrical case or skin. After the sausage has been pre- pared, it is placed in a large vat and forced through a nozzle over which the skin has been drawn by the op erator. The illustrations show how this is done. When the valve is opened the meat rushes into the hol- low skin like water from a hydrant into a fire hose, distending the skin and filling it out to capacity. The sau- sages are then tied and are ready for the market The preparation of the skins is an elaborate proc- ess involving many washings

��A Concrete Cooler Which Chills by the Action of Evaporating Water

A LARGE cylindrical compartment, five feet in height and three feet in di- ameter, with a narrow door

����Photos by ljniver!.al Kiim Co.

���At the top is a concrete reservoir from which the water overflows down the sides of the cooler

��The skin which is to be filled is held tight over the nozzle and the sausage meat is forced into it

��mounted on metal

  • hinges, all made of re-

inforced concrete, composes the body of the cooler. Pass- ing vertically through the cen- ter of the cylindrical body is a piece of metal piping upon which have been con- structed, at uniform inter\-als, five flat, imi- tation-porcelain disks which serve as shelves. Both the upper and lower ends of the piping rest in cup-shaped sockets so designed that the pipe and its disk-shelves may be readily turned. The shelves may thus be caused to pass before the door opening with the boxes and vessels upon them.

To provide proper ventilation, two small holes are cut in the sides of the body near the top, and these are covered on the inside with tine screen wire to keep out insects.

The body is mounted on a flat concrete plate raised about twelve inches off the ground by supports. On the outer edge of the surface of this plate, which extends beyond the sides of the body, a shallow groove has been made to contain a moat of water. This moat forms a barrier to the invasion of ground insects.

The top of the body is surmounted with a concrete reservoir which has to be filled once a day with water. This water finds an escape at the bottom of the reservoir through four small valves which are set diagonally opposite each other. The water from the valves first spills into a small trough surrounding the top of the body and then overflows down the sides. The evap- oration of this water as it spreads over the cooler's sides keeps the inside of the cylinder almost as cool as if ice were used.

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