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��Popular Science Monthly

���The flexible shaft from the motor rotates the cam. The bearings of the scis- sors shanks, on running in the cam groove, operate the blades of the scissors

��Click! Click! Go These Electric- ally Operated Scissors

JN large factories where clothing and uniforms are made by the thousands, the cutting of the miles of cloth required is a tremendous job.

Much of the tediousness of this work has been eliminated by the power-operated scissors invented by John Schultz, of Chicago.

A rotating groove-cam works the shanks of the scissors back and forth just as the cutter's hand would ply them. The cam, however, rotates so fast that the shank-bear ings, traveling in the turning 8-shaped groove, are moved many times faster than a man could operate them. More- over, the strokes are more powerful, since the electric motor which turns the cam by means of the flexible shaft con- nected with it is several times as strong as a man's hand.

The scissors therefore can cut several thick- nesses of cloth where a man would cut but one.

���A Simple Cylinder Re- Boring Machine for the Car -Owner

THE mechanically inclined automobile owner can rebore his engine cylinders in from one-third to one-tenth the usual time and without the services of an expert mechanic, if he uses a simple machine recently brought out in Iowa. Although hand-operated ordinarily, the device can be power driven when much work is to be done in a garage. It will rebore cylinders from 2% to 5-1/16 inches in diameter on engines of either the de- mountable or solid - head types. In the former, the de- vice is bolted to the cylinder after the head is removed, and in the latter to the base of the cylinders when the cyl- inder block is turned upside down.

The reboring machine con- sists of a top guide block, with a clamp and bolts to at- tach it to the cylinder, and a threaded feed- bar carrying at its lower end a circular cut- ter head slotted for four cutters. The head is threaded inside for the adjustment of the cutters and is tapered on the outside at the bottom to keep the cutting tools straight.

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cutter 5'

Head ot cylinder

��CutU, head

��The re-boring machine attached to the bottom of a solid-head cylinder. The cutters and head are revolved through the feed bar

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