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products of the tops of hills (such as sandal, agil, gold, gems, etc.)'.[1] Of the hunters it is said:

'They drink the sweet rice-liquor, tŏppi, brewed in their houses; they cut in the open field the strong bull and eat its meat. The drum faced with folded hides sounds and they lift the left arm, strong with the constant bending of the bow, place it around the right side and dance all day with glee.'[2]

The food of the Āyar is thus described:

'Early in the morning when the thick darkness begins to disappear and birds rise from their sleep, Iḍaiyar women ply with the rope the churning-rod, mattu,[3] with a noise like the grunt of a tiger; they churn the milk with folded crust, having been curdled by the curds reserved for the purpose, uṛai,[4] which looks like the white mushroom, and remove the butter; they place a pad of flowers, śummāḍu[5], on their heads and stand thereon a pot of buttermilk, whose mouth is sprinkled with drops of curds and sell it in the mornings. They are dark of skin; at their ears dangle earrings; their shoulders are like the bamboo; their hair is short and wavy. They feast their relatives with rice bartered for buttermilk. Then they sell ghi and buy gold and milch buffaloes and cows and calves. If you stay with the Iḍaiyar with hanging lips, they will feast you with tinai,[6] which looks like the young of crabs, boiled with milk. Their strong feet are scarred with constant wearings of sandals; their hands lean on sticks with which they cruelly beat the cattle; and are horny with handling the axes which fell trees; their shoulders, scarred and hairy by carrying Kāvaḍis[7] with double hanging loops; their hair, smelling because they wipe the head with hands full of milk-drops. They wear garlands of mixed flowers, Kalambagam,[8] plucked from trees and plants growing in the forests;

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    குறைவின்றி பருகி நறவுமகிழ்த்து வைகறைப்
    பழஞ்செருக் குற்றமும் மனந்த றீர
    வருவி தந்த பழஞ்சிதை வெண்காழ்
    வருவிசை தவிர்த்த கடமான் கொழுங்குறை
    முளவுமாத் தொலைச்சிய பைந்நிணப் பிளவை
    பிணவுநாய் முடுக்கிய தடியொடு விரைஇ
    வெண்புடை கொண்ட துய்த்தலைப் பழனி
    னின்புனிக் கலந்து மாமோ ராகக்
    கழைவளர் நெல்லி னரியுலை யூழ்த்து
    வழையமை சாரல் கமழத் துழைஇ
    ஈறுமல ரணித்த நாறிறு முச்சிக்
    குறமக ளாக்கிய வாலவிழ் வல்சி
    யகமலி யுவகையார்வமொ டனைஇ
    மகமுறை தடுப்ப மனைதொரம் பெறுகுவிர்.

    Malaipaḍukaḍam, 170-185.

  2. இல்லரடு கள்ளின் றோப்பி பருகி
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    மடிவாய்த் தண்ணுமை நடுவட் சிலைப்பச்
    சிலாவி வெறுழ்த்தோ ளோச்சி வலன்வளையூ உப்
    பகன் மகிழ் தூங்கும்.

    Perumbāṇāṛṛuppaḍai, 142-146.

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