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      Of the desire which makes thee one with me,
      Thetis, bright image of eternity!
      When thou didst cry, 'Insufferable might!
      God! spare me! I sustain not the quick flames,
      The penetrating presence; all my being,
      Like him whom the Numidian seps did thaw
      Into a dew with poison, is dissolved,
      Sinking through its foundations,'--even then
      Two mighty spirits, mingling, made a third
      Mightier than either, which, unbodied now,
      Between us floats, felt, although unbeheld,
      Waiting the incarnation, which ascends,
      (Hear ye the thunder of the fiery wheels
      Griding the winds?) from Demogorgon's throne.
      Victory! victory! Feel'st thou not, O world,
      The earthquake of his chariot thundering up

[The Car of the HOUR arrives. DEMOGORGON descends and moves towards the Throne of JUPITER.

                Awful shape, what art thou? Speak!

      Eternity. Demand no direr name.
      Descend, and follow me down the abyss.
      I am thy child, as thou wert Saturn's child;
      Mightier than thee; and we must dwell together