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      Ha! they are gone!

                          Yet feel you no delight
      From the past sweetness?

                                As the bare green hill,
      When some soft cloud vanishes into rain,
      Laughs with a thousand drops of sunny water
      To the unpavilioned sky!

                                Even whilst we speak
      New notes arise. What is that awful sound?

      'T is the deep music of the rolling world,
      Kindling within the strings of the waved air
      Æolian modulations.

                            Listen too,
      How every pause is filled with under-notes,
      Clear, silver, icy, keen awakening tones,
      Which pierce the sense, and live within the soul,
      As the sharp stars pierce winter's crystal air
      And gaze upon themselves within the sea.

      But see where, through two openings in the forest
      Which hanging branches overcanopy,
      And where two runnels of a rivulet,
      Between the close moss violet-inwoven,
      Have made their path of melody, like sisters