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        And the weak day weeps
          That it should be so.
      O gentle Moon, the voice of thy delight
      Falls on me like thy clear and tender light
      Soothing the seaman borne the summer night
        Through isles forever calm;
      O gentle Moon, thy crystal accents pierce
      The caverns of my pride's deep universe,
      Charming the tiger joy, whose tramplings fierce
        Made wounds which need thy balm.

      I rise as from a bath of sparkling water,
      A bath of azure light, among dark rocks,
      Out of the stream of sound.

                                   Ah me! sweet sister,
      The stream of sound has ebbed away from us,
      And you pretend to rise out of its wave,
      Because your words fall like the clear soft dew
      Shaken from a bathing wood-nymph's limbs and hair.

      Peace, peace! a mighty Power, which is as darkness,
      Is rising out of Earth, and from the sky