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 SECOND VOICE: from the springs.
      Thunder-bolts had parched our water,
        We had been stained with bitter blood,
      And had run mute, 'mid shrieks of slaughter
        Through a city and a solitude.

THIRD VOICE: from the Air
      I had clothed, since Earth uprose,
        Its wastes in colors not their own,
      And oft had my serene repose
        Been cloven by many a rending groan.

FOURTH VOICE: from the Whirlwinds
      We had soared beneath these mountains
        Unresting ages; nor had thunder,
      Nor yon volcano's flaming fountains,
        Nor any power above or under
        Ever made us mute with wonder.

      But never bowed our snowy crest
      As at the voice of thine unrest.