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        My wings are folded o'er mine ears;
          My wings are crossèd o'er mine eyes;
        Yet through their silver shade appears,
          And through their lulling plumes arise,
        A Shape, a throng of sounds.
          May it be no ill to thee
        O thou of many wounds!
      Near whom, for our sweet sister's sake,
      Ever thus we watch and wake.

        The sound is of whirlwind underground,
          Earthquake, and fire, and mountains cloven;
        The shape is awful, like the sound,
          Clothed in dark purple, star-inwoven.
        A sceptre of pale gold,
          To stay steps proud, o'er the slow cloud,
        His veinèd hand doth hold.
      Cruel he looks, but calm and strong,
      Like one who does, not suffers wrong.