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        Fiend, I defy thee! with a calm, fixed mind,
          All that thou canst inflict I bid thee do;
        Foul tyrant both of Gods and humankind,
          One only being shalt thou not subdue.
            Rain then thy plagues upon me here,
            Ghastly disease, and frenzying fear;
            And let alternate frost and fire
            Eat into me, and be thine ire
        Lightning, and cutting hail, and legioned forms
      Of furies, driving by upon the wounding storms.

        Ay, do thy worst! Thou art omnipotent.
          O'er all things but thyself I gave thee power,
        And my own will. Be thy swift mischiefs sent
          To blast mankind, from yon ethereal tower.
            Let thy malignant spirit move
            In darkness over those I love;
            On me and mine I imprecate
            The utmost torture of thy hate;
        And thus devote to sleepless agony,
      This undeclining head while thou must reign on high.