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      A woful sight: a youth
      With patient looks nailed to a crucifix.

      What next?

                  The heaven around, the earth below,
      Was peopled with thick shapes of human death,
      All horrible, and wrought by human hands;
      And some appeared the work of human hearts,
      For men were slowly killed by frowns and smiles;
      And other sights too foul to speak and live
      Were wandering by. Let us not tempt worse fear
      By looking forth; those groans are grief enough.

      Behold an emblem: those who do endure
      Deep wrongs for man, and scorn, and chains, but heap
      Thousand-fold torment on themselves and him.

      Remit the anguish of that lighted stare;
      Close those wan lips; let that thorn-wounded brow
      Stream not with blood; it mingles with thy tears!
      Fix, fix those tortured orbs in peace and death,
      So thy sick throes shake not that crucifix,
      So those pale fingers play not with thy gore.
      Oh, horrible! Thy name I will not speak--
      It hath become a curse. I see, I see
      The wise, the mild, the lofty, and the just,
      Whom thy slaves hate for being like to thee,