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      The nations thronged around, and cried aloud,
      As with one voice, Truth, Liberty, and Love!
      Suddenly fierce confusion fell from heaven
      Among them; there was strife, deceit, and fear;
      Tyrants rushed in, and did divide the spoil.
      This was the shadow of the truth I saw.

      I felt thy torture, son, with such mixed joy
      As pain and virtue give. To cheer thy state
      I bid ascend those subtle and fair spirits,
      Whose homes are the dim caves of human thought,
      And who inhabit, as birds wing the wind,
      Its world-surrounding ether; they behold
      Beyond that twilight realm, as in a glass,
      The future; may they speak comfort to thee!

      Look, sister, where a troop of spirits gather,
      Like flocks of clouds in spring's delightful weather,
      Thronging in the blue air!

                                  And see! more come,
      Like fountain-vapors when the winds are dumb,
      That climb up the ravine in scattered lines.
      And hark! is it the music of the pines?
      Is it the lake? Is it the waterfall?

      'T is something sadder, sweeter far than all.