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Delhi china ware are effective. The manufacture of the latter is on a very petty scale.

Factories.— The factory industries of the Panjab are still very small. In 191 1 there were 268 factories employing 28,184 hands. The typical Panjab factory is a little cotton ginning or pressing mill. The grinding of flour and husking of rice are sometimes part of the same

Fig- 55- Papier mache work of Kashmir.

business. The number of these mills rose in the 20 years ending 1911 from 12 to 202, and there are complaints that there are now too many factories. Cotton-spinning has not been very successful and the number of mills in 1911, eight, was the same as in 1903-4. The weaving is almost entirely confined to yarn of low counts. Part is used by the hand-loom weavers and part is exported to the United Provinces. Good woollen fabrics are