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Short Titles Act, 1896.

Ch. 14


Session and Chapter. Title. Short Title.
6 & 7 Vict c. 40. An Act to amend the Laws for the Prevention of Frauds and Abuses by Persons employed in the Woollen, Worsted, Linen, Cotton, Flax, Mohair, and Silk Hosiery Manufactures ; and for the farther securing the Property of the Manufacturers and the Wages of the Workmen engaged therein. The Hosiery  Act, 1843.
6 & 7 Vict c. 42. An Act ... for empowering Grand Juries in Ireland to present Bridges, and Tolls to be paid for passing the same, in certain Cases. The Bridges (Ireland)  Act, 1843.
6 & 7 Vict c. 54. An Act the title of which begins with the words "An Act for extending," and ends with the words "and to explain and amend the said Act." The Limitation of Actions  Act, 1843.
6 & 7 Vict c. 66. An Act to enlarge the Provisions of an Act for preventing Frauds upon Creditors by secret Warrants of Attorney to confess Judgment. The Warrants of Attorney  Act, 1843.
6 & 7 Vict c. 68. An Act for regulating Theatres The Theatres  Act, 1843.
6 & 7 Vict c. 73. An Act for consolidating and amending several of the Laws relating to Attornies and Solicitors practising in England and Wales. The Solicitors  Act, 1843.
6 & 7 Vict c. 77. An Act for regulating the Cathedral Churches of Wales. The Welsh Cathedrals  Act, 1843.
6 & 7 Vict c. 79. An Act to carry into effect a Convention between Her Majesty and the King of the French concerning the Fisheries in the Seas between the British Islands and France. The Sea Fisheries  Act, 1843.
6 & 7 Vict c. 82. An Act ... for amending the Law relating to Commissions for the Examination of Witnesses. The Evidence by Commission  Act, 1843.
6 & 7 Vict c. 85. An Act for improving the Law of Evidence. The Evidence  Act, 1843.
6 & 7 Vict c. 86. An Act for regulating Hackney and Stage Carriages in and near London. The London Hackney Carriages  Act, 1843.