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Ch. 23, 24.

Public Offices (Westminster) Site Act, 1896

59 & 60 Vict

For protection of Institution of Civil Engineers.(2.) For the purposes of this section the expression "gas, water, or electricity company" includes any person or body of persons supplying gas, water, or electricity.

For protection of Institution of Civil Engineers.11. Any building erected by the Commissioners under the powers of this Act opposite the back of the building of the Institution of Civil Engineers shall be distant at least fifty feet from such building, and shall not exceed eighty feet in height from the ground level, and shall be faced with glazed bricks of a colour to be approved by the Institution of Civil Engineers. Access to Boar's Head Yard from Delahay Street for pedestrians and vehicles shall be preserved by the Commissioners.

Provisions as to expenses, &c. of Comissioners.12.—(1.) All expenses incurred by the Commissioners under this Act shall be defrayed out of money provided by Parliament.

(2.) The provisions of the Commissioners of Works Act, 1852, and any Act amending that Act, shall apply in the case of the acquisition of land by the Commissioners under this Act in like manner as in the case of a purchase under that Act, and any notice, summons, writ, or other document required to be given, issued, or signed, by or on behalf of the Commissioners may be given, issued, or signed by the secretary or assistant secretary of the Commissioners and need not be under their common seal.

Penalty for obstructing Commissioners.13. If any person wilfully obstructs any person acting under the authority of the Commissioners in the lawful exercise of the powers vested in them under this Act, he shall for each offence be liable, on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding five pounds.

Short title 14. This Act may be cited as the Public Offices (Westminster) Site Act, 1896.


An Act for the Acquisition of Property for the Extension of the General Beglster House at Edinburgh.

[7th August 1896.]

WHEREAS it is expedient to provide further accommodation for the business of the Sasine Office and other public departments carried on at the General Register House situate at Princes Street in the city of Edinburgh:

And whereas for that purpose it is expedient that the Commissioners of Works should be empowered to acquire certain land and buildings situated in the city parish of the said city of Edinburgh:

And whereas those lands and buildings cannot be acquired without the authority of Parliament:

And whereas duplicate plans (in this Act referred to as the deposited plans) describing the situation of the land proposed to be acquired, with the houses and buildings thereon, with a book of reference thereto containing the names of the owners and lessees or reputed owners and lessees, and of the occupiers thereof, have been deposited with the principal sheriff clerk of the county of