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Ch. 26.

Friendly Societies Act, 1896.

59 & 60 Vict.

servants in relation to its business, and may administer such oath accordingly.

(6.) The chief or assistant registrar may direct at what time and place a special meeting under this section is to be held and what matters are to be discussed and determined at that meeting, and the meeting shall have all the powers of a meeting called according to the rules of the society, and shall in all cases have power to appoint its own chairman, any rule of the society to the contrary notwithstanding.

(7.) This section shall not apply to a society with branches, except with the consent of the central body of that society.

Cancelling and suspension of registry.77.—(1.) The chief registrar, or, in the case of a society registered and doing business in Scotland or Ireland exclusively, the assistant registrar for Scotland or Ireland, may—

(a) if he thinks fit, at the request of a society, to be evidenced in such manner as he may direct: or

(b) with the approval of the Treasury, on proof to his satisfaction that an acknowledgement of registry has been obtained by fraud or mistake, or that a society exists for an illegal purpose, or has wilfully and after notice from a registrar whom it may concern violated any of the provisions of this Act, or has ceased to exist,

by writing under his hand cancel the registry of a society.

(2.) The chief or assistant registrar, in any case in which he might, with the approval of the Treasury, cancel the registry of a society, may, by writing under his hand, suspend the registry for any term not exceeding three months, and may, with the approval of the Treasury, renew the suspension for the like period,

(3.) Unless the chief or assistant registrar has given to a registered society not less than two months previous notice in writing, specifying briefly the ground of any proposed cancelling or suspension, the registry of the society shall not be cancelled (except at its request) or suspended.

(4.) Where the registry of a society has been cancelled or suspended, notice thereof shall forthwith be advertised.

(5.) Where the registry of a society has been suspended or cancelled, the society shall from the time of the suspension or cancelling (but if suspended, only while the suspension last, and subject also to the right of appeal given by this section) absolutely cease to enjoy as such the privileges of a registered society, but without prejudice to any liability actually incurred by the society, and any such liability may be enforced against the society as if the suspension or cancelling had not taken place.

(6.) A society may appeal from the cancelling of its registry, or from any suspension thereof which is renewed after six months, as follows:—

(a) from the assistant registrar for Scotland or Ireland to the chief registrar, and from him to the Court of Session in Scotland or the High Court in Ireland respectively; and