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Collecting Societies and Industrial Aasurance Companies Act, 1896.

Ch. 26.


(3.) The notice shall specify the day, hour, and place, and the objects of the meeting, and in case any amendment of a rule is intended to be proposed shall contain a copy of every such amendment.

(4.) The society or company shall publish the last of such advertisements, or serve such notice as aforesaid, at least fourteen days before the day appointed for the meeting, and shall during those fourteen days keep a copy of the notice in legible characters affixed in some conspicuous place in or outside every office at which the business of the society or company is carried on.

(5.) For the purposes of this section the several ridings of the county of York, the several Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man respectively, shall be deemed to be counties.

Balance sheets and annual returns6—(1.) A copy of every balance sheet of a collecting society shall, during the seven days next preceding the meeting at which the balance sheet is to be presented, be kept open by the society for inspection at every office at which the business of the society is carried on, and shall be delivered or sent by post to every member on demand.

(2.) The annual returns required to be sent to the registrar under the Friendly Societies Act, 1896, shall, in the case of a collecting society, be certified by some person not an officer of the society (otherwise than as auditor thereof) carrying on publicly the business of an accountant, and if not so certified shall be deemed not to have been made.

Disputes7. In all disputes between a collecting society or industrial assurance company and any member or person insured, or any person claiming through a member or person insured, or under the rules, that member or person may, notwithstanding any provisions of the rules of the society or company to the contrary, apply to the county court, or to the court of summary jurisdiction for the place where that member or other person resides, and the court may settle that dispute according to the provisions of the Friendly Societies Act, 1896.

Disabilities of collector.8. A collector of a collecting society or industrial assurance company shall not, whilst he is such, be capable of—

(a) being a member of the committee; or

(b) holding any other office in the society or company except that of superintending collectors within a specified area; or

(c) voting at or taking part in the proceedings of any meeting of the society or company.

Disabilities of collector8. In the case of any collecting society registered after the Name of thirty-first day of December one thousand eight hundred and collecting ninety-five, the last words in the name of the society shall be "collecting society."

Foregoing provisions to be contained in rules.10. The foregoing provisions of this Act shall be set forth in the rules of every collecting society and, where applicable, of every industrial assurance company established after the thirty-first day of December one thousand eight hundred and seventy-five.