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Finance Act, 1896.

Ch. 28.


Inspectors or surveyors of taxes to be assessors for Income tax under Schs. A and B. for inhabited house duty in certain cases.30. Where this or any other Act enacts that the annual value Inspectors or of any property which has been adopted for the purpose of income tax under Schedules A. and B. in the Income Tax Act, 1853, of inhabited house duty, during any year shall be taken as the annual value of such property for the same purpose during any subsequent year, the inspectors and surveyors of taxes shall be inhabited the assessors for such subsequent year of the income tax under the said Schedules A. and B., and of the inhabited house duty.


Land Tax.

Remission of land tax in excess of one shilling in the pound31.—(1.) The amount assessed in any year in any land tax parish Remission of on account of the unredeemed quota of land tax charged against that parish shall not after the passing of this Act exceed the amount shilling in the which would be produced by a rate of one shilling in the pound on pound, the annual value of the land in the parish subject to land tax, and any excess above the said amount shall be remitted for that year.

(2.) Sections one hundred and eighty and one hundred and eighty-one of the Land Tax Redemption Act, 1802, shall be construed as if the rate of one shilling in the pound on the annual value of the land were substituted for the rate of four shillings therein mentioned.

Redemption of land tax.32.—(1.) The owner of any land may in any year redeem the land tax charged on such land by payment to the Commissioners of Inland Revenue of a capital sum, equal to thirty times the sum assessed on such land by the assessment last made and signed, after deducting any increase of the assessment made by virtue of this section, and such sum may be paid either in a single payment, or by such annual instalments as may be agreed upon with the Commissioners, and interest at the rate of three per cent, per annum on so much of the capital sum as remains unpaid shall be payable with each instalment, and all the instalments remaining unpaid may be paid at any time.

(2.) If an assessment on account of the unredeemed quota of land tax charged against any land tax parish would but for this section be made at a rate less than one penny in the pound on the annual value of the land in the parish subject to land tax such assessment shall be made at a rate of not less than one penny in the pound, except where such an assessment would produce a net sum exceeding the amount required for the redemption of the whole of the unredeemed quota, in which case the assessment shall be at such rate as will produce a net sum equal to that amount.

(3.) Any surplus land tax in any land tax parish received by reason of an increased assessment under the foregoing enactment, or otherwise received under the Land Tax Acts, shall be paid and applied in manner provided with respect to surplus land tax by section one hundred and fourteen of the Taxes Management Act, 1880 ((RL sidenote|43 & 44 Vict. c. 19.}}, except that such surplus, so far as it is not applied in payment to the assessors, shall be deemed to have redeemed so much of the