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Introduction xiii

I The Origin of Pyrotechny 3

II Pyrotechny in the East 6

III Pyrotechny in Europe 13

IV Pyrotechny in Europe (continued) 23

V London Pleasure Gardens 32

VI Fireworks in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 39

VII Firework Manufacture 57

VIII Modern Firework Manufacture 69

IX Firework Accidents 77


I Simple Fireworks, Rocket Class 91

II Simple Fireworks, Shell Class 103

III Simple Fireworks, Mine Class 110

IV Simple Fireworks, Saxon and Lance Classes 116

V Compound Fireworks 121

VI Compound Fireworks (continued) 131

VII Firework Compositions 136

VIII Modern Firework Compositions 144

IX Military Pyrotechny 152

X Military Pyrotechny in the Great War 164

XI The Civil Use of Fireworks 175

List of the Principal Ingredients used in Pyrotechny at the present time 181

Pyrotechnic Bibliography 182

Index 187