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Firework Display at Quebec. From a drawing by C. M. Padday Frontispiece

Six Coloured Japanese Prints of Fireworks manufactured
by Messrs. Hirayama of Yokohama 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Facsimile Title Page of John Bate's "Second Booke," 1635 16

A Display of the Earliest Type (c. 1650) 18

Set Piece of the Scenic Type 20

Firework Display at Nuremberg, 1650 22

Great Firework Display near Stockholm, 1669 24

Fireworks on the Thames, 1688 28

Firework Display given by the Duke of Richmond, 1749 30

Firework Temple at Vauxhall, 1845 36

Fireworks at Versailles, 1855, from a drawing by Gustav Doré 44

The Grand Whim for Posterity to laugh at, 1749 46

A Full-size Picture of the Jumma Musjid in Fireworks at }
the Crystal Palace, 1892 }
Firework Display for the Coronation Durbar at Delhi, } 50
January 3rd, 1903 }

A Crystal Palace Set Piece at the time of the South
African War 52

Panorama of the Aerial Effects in the National Display at
Hyde Park, 1919 56

The Explosion at Madame Cotton's Firework Factory, 1858 66

Programme of Experiments with Fireworks at Nunhead,
1872 68

Modern Firework Tools 72

Types of Modern Fireworks 90

Cracker Making 92