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38 LoN L. Swift CHAPTER III. Disposition of Public Lands. Oregon has a total area of 61,976,520 acres or 96,838 square miles, which is one thirty-third of the area of the United States. Of the total in Oregon, 698,880 acres, or 1,092 square miles, is water surface, leaving 61,277,440 acres, or 95,746 square miles, of land area. The approximate area of timber land is 18,459,520 acres, or 28,843 square miles; agricultural land, 42,817,920 acres, or 66,903 square miles. The area appro- priated is 26,208,219 acres, or 40,950 square miles; area re- served, 14,894,967 acres, or 23,274 square miles ; area unap- propriated and unreserved, 20,174,254 acres, or 31,522 square miles. The actual area included in farms in 1900 was 10,071,- 328 acres, or 15,736 square miles, being nearly one-sixth of the total area of the State. The area of land granted under the various acts up to June 30, 1904, may be classified as follows: Confirmed donation land claims, 2,614,082.24 acres. Wagon-road construction land grants, 2,453,932.32 acres : including Oregon Central and Military road, 845,536 acres; Corvallis and Yaquina Bay road, 90,240 acres ; Willamette Valley and Cascade Mountain wagon road, 861,504 acres; Dalles Military road, 556,832.67 acres ; Coos Bay and wagon road, 99,819.35 acres. Railroad construction land grants, 4,812,298.64 acres: in- cluding Northern Pacific, 602,684.94 acres; Oregon and Cali- fornia, 3,821,901.80 acres; Oregon Central, 387,711.90 acres. Swamp lands: selected, 526,903.63; approved, 351,743.16 acres; patented, 249,244.82 acres; rejected, 152,151.41 acres. Grants of land for common schools, 3,404,302 acres: for charitable, educational, penal and reformatory institutions, 136,-

080 acres ; for internal improvements, 500,000 acres.----