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Land Tenure in Oregon. 121 that at the expiration of the said term or upon any sooner termination of this lease they will quit and dehver up the premises and all future erections and additions to or upon the same, to the said lessor, or those having its estate therein peaceably, quietly, in as good order and condition (reasonable and wearing thereof, fire and other unavoidable casualties ex- cepted) as the same now are or may be put in by the lessor or those having its estate in the premises ; that will not suffer nor permit any strip or waste thereof, nor make, nor suffer to be made, any alterations or additions to or upon the same, nor assign this lease, nor underlet, or permit any person or persons to occupy the same, without the consent of the said lessor or those having its estate to the premises, being first obtained in writing, and also that it shall be lawful for the said lessor and those having its estate in the premises, at reasonable time, to enter into and upon the same to examine the condition thereof. It is agreed that the lessees shall keep up all fences around said fields as they shall use and shall keep the same in good repair, and it is agreed that the lessor shall pay for all water used by lessees for the irrigation of crops growing on said premises. , Provided always, and these presents are upon this condition, that if the said rent shall be in arrears for the space of , or if the lessee or their representatives or assigns shall neglect or fail to perform, and observe any or either of the covenants hereinbefore contained, which on their part are to be performed, then any of the said cases, the said lessor, or those having its estate in the said premises lawfully made, immediately or at any time thereafter, and while said neglect or default continues, and without further notice or de- mand, enter into and upon the said premises, or any part thereof, in the name of the whole and repossess the same, of its former estate, and expel the said lessees, and those claim- ing under them, and remove their effects, without being taken

or deemed guilty in any manner of trespass, and without----