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Land Tenure in Oregon. 123 the grain to be made according to warehouse weights, and grain retained by said lessees and not stored to be estimated on the basis of warehouse weights of similar grain. It is understood that this lease shall expire absolutely on the first day of October, 1905 ; and that no holding over shall be considered as a renewal thereof ; and the said lessees hereby waive all statutory notice to quit. In Witness Whereof, The parties hereto have unto set their hands and seals, in duplicate, this first day of October, 1904. Share Lease for Grain and Hay Employed in Crook County. This agreement, made and entered into on this 27th day of October, 1906, by and between Morrow and Kennan, parties of the first part, and E. D. Holms, party of the second part : Witnesseth : — That the parties of the first part, in considera- tion of the covenants and agreements to be kept and performed by the party of the second part and hereinafter set forth, do hereby lease, demise and let unto the said party of the second part for the term of five years from the 15th day of Septem- ber, 1906, to the 15th day of September, 191 1, the following described lands in Crook County, Oregon, to-wit : but with the reser- vations herein set forth, and upon the terms and conditions herein contained. The party of the second part hereby agrees and binds himself to cultivate and sow tO' grain 400 acres of said land, during each of said years, and to plow and summer fallow 400 acres, during the first year, and sow the same to grain, along with the other lands during this lease. It is understood and agreed that as a rental for said land, the parties of the first part shall receive one-third of all crops raised upon said land during the term of this lease, said share of one-third of entire crop to be delivered to said parties of the first part on said premises as soon as the same is harvested, and it is agreed and understood that the said parties of the first part

shall have the option of having said crops cut for hay or----