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34 Joseph Schafer You will understand, however, that neither Cape Disap- pointment, Tongue Point, nor any other place is to be taken possession of by the Hudson's Bay Company if already pos- sessed and occupied on behalf of the United States Govern- ment or its citizens ; but after possession has once been taken by you of any of these points, I have to request that such may not be relinquished unless compelled to abandon it by superior force and overt acts of violence on the part of the United States Government or its citizens, and in that case, either yourself or the officer for the time being superintending the Company's affairs at Vancouver will be pleased to report the same in writing to the commander of any of Her Majesty's ships with whom you may have an opoportunity of commun- icating, calling upon such officer for support and protection, and handing him the best proofs you can adduce of the nature and extent of the violence that may have been exercised in dispossessing the Company of the occupied points, transmit- ting to the Governor and Committee of the Hudson's Bay Company a detailed report of all proceedings connected with this subject. Should Messrs. Warre and Vavasour wish to visit the Wil- lamette Settlement or any other point of the Oregon country where we can afforod them protection, you will grant them the necessary facilities to do so; meeting all their demands in writing on the Hudson's Bay Company's stores and re- sources, providing them with a passage to the mountains in spring, with a view to their accompanying the Express to Red River, so as to arrive there early in June, 1846, securing for them the kindest hospitalities and attentions at our different establishments, and consulting their pleasure, comfort and convenience, in so far as circumstances may admit. I have further to beg that all expenses connected with the conveyance of these gentlemen to and from the Pacific, and all other out- lay that may be incurred connected with their expedition, like- wise the wages and provisions of the officer and servants who

may be employed in taking possession of Cape Disappoint-----