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Index 401 School, first, of public instruction in Portland, 127. Simpson, Sir George, report on influx of American settlers to Oregon, 4; sails to America to direct military reconnoissance, 1845-6, 5; recommen- dations of, for protection of British interests in Oregon, 6; conference with prime minister and minister of foreign affairs which results in deter- mination to make reconnoissance, 6-7; summary of his instructions to Warre and Vavasour, 8; memorandum of, in reference to Oregon question, 13-16; instructs Peter _ Skene Ogden in con- nection with military reconnoissance, 32-35; reports to Lord Metcalfe of dispatch of Warre and Vavasour across the continent, 35-37- Snowden, Clinton A,, author of a four volume history of the State of Wash- ington, 236. Swift, Lon L., land tenure in Oregon, 131-235. T Taxation in Oregon, 281-95. Taylor Street Church, 122. Tenancy, how it works in Oregon, 156- 69. Tenant farming undesirable, 132-5. Territorial Government in the Oregon Territory, bill to organize a, 3. V Vavasour, Lieutenant, engineering re- port of, military reconnoissance of, 84-94- , , . . Voyageurs instrumental in bringing Catholic faith to Oregon country, 239-40. w Warre, Captain H., book of "Sketches in North America and the Oregon Territory" (list of sketches included given), 99. Warre and Vavasour, first report of, summarized, 10-12; change of views on compact of 1845, 12-13; influence of data secured, 13; documents giv- ing procedure through which selection of, and instruction of them to make reconnoissance effected, 16-24; Sir George Simpson's letter of sugges- tions to, 25-31; first report of, 35-59; list of maps and plans accompanying report, 62; report on Governor of Oregon's message relative to .organiza- tion of an efficient militia, 63; second report of military reconnoissance, 65- 84; specimen items of accounts wim Hudson's Bay Company for supplies, 95-96; schedule of enclosures for- warded with dispatch of general re- port, 97-8. West, River of the, 105-6. Wilbur, James H., family and youth of, II 6-7; comes to Oregon "to es- tablish foundation of a Christian civ- ilization," 117; co-workers of, 11 7-8; estimates of character and work of, 127-130. Work, John, Journal of, 296-313. Work, John, in service of Hudson's Bay Company, 296; probable route with drove of horses from Fort Col- ville to Fort Vancouver, 296-7; jour- nals of, source of light on Ogden's first expedition, 332-5, Y Young, Professor F. G., the financial history of the State of Oregon, 263-

295; 366-84.----