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62 Joseph Schafer RECAPITULATION Males 33,956 Females 35,182 Children 1,584 Slaves 5,146 Total 75,868 of whom an accurate census has been made. 11,079 Estimate of Tribes of whom no census has been taken. Grand total 86,947 Indian population from Latitude 42® to Latitude 54" N . Barque "Cowlitz," on the Coast . . 23 men. Barque "Vancouver," on the Coast 23 men. Steamer "Beaver," on the Coast 23 men. Schooner "Cadboro," on the Coast 12 men. Unattached 19 men. Oflacers .59 men. Total men employed 643 men. RECAPITULATION. Number of establishments 23 Number of Vessels 4 Number of Men 643 Number of Acres of Land in cultivation 3005 Number of Horses 1716 Number of Cattle 4430 Number of Hogs 1916 Number of Sheep 8846 M. Vavasour, H. J. Warre, Lieut. Royal Engr. Lt. and An. C. Warre and Vavasour's Report of October 26, 1845. Enclosure 4. (Maps and Plans Accompanying Warre and Vavasour's Report.) Sketch of Commission Harbour, south end of Vancouver's Island, Straits of de Fuca, showing position of Fort Victoria and Soundings, Lat. 48° 26' N. Long. 123° 9' W. Highwater full and change 3 P. M. Rise 8 ft. Tides very irregular. The soundings are all for low water Spring Tides. Shoal Pt. bears N. N. E. from Rocky Pt. Plan of Fort Victoria, Vancouver's Island, Sketch of Nes- qually and Adjacent Plains on Puget's Sd., Plan of Fort Vancouver on Columbia River. Sketch of Fort Vancouver and Adjacent Plains, which are partly flooded in the spring, [traces the river for about 4 mi., sets the fort in its relative place, etc., neat map]. Sketch of the Route (in red) from Red River to the Pacific Ocean. [2, 4, and 5, bear Vavasour's name, the others bear no

indication of authorship.]----