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Warre and Vavasour, 1845-6. 89 reason the occupation of this point is evidently so advan- tageous. For the occupation of Cape Disappointment I would rec- ommend three batteries of heavy guns. One of four guns on the center of the Cape, one of four guns on the north bluff, and a third of two guns on the spur running from the north bluff toward the middle sand, with a two-storied block house placed near a small run of water, with the earth thrown up to form a parapet round it, overlooking the landing place in Baker's Bay. The block house will be made of wood, being the only material on the spot, and which can be procured of any dimensions, many of the trees on the Cape measuring 20 feet in circumference. On Point Adams I would place a battery of six guns, hav- ing its gorge defended by a block house similar to that for Cape Disappointment. These points being covered with im- mense timber, which would require a length of time to remove, open works could not easily be formed, more particularly at the Cape, from the nature of the ground. From the nature of the coast and the continual line of breakers, boats could not land for several miles north or south of these points, and boats entering the river by the ship channel on a calm day would be exposed from every part of the Cape, and a few men well disposed could prevent their effecting a landing in Baker's Bay, the only available spot for the purpose near the Cape. The nearest place on the sea coast north of Cape Disap- pointment for a safe landing in boats is 18 miles distant in Shoalwater Bay, and the nearest harbor in Chehelis Bay, com- monly called Gray's Harbor, which will admit vessels of the light draught, having only nine feet of water on the bar, is 40 miles distant. For the occupation of Tongue Point I would recommend a battery of heavy guns on the west side, overlooking the ship channel, with a block house or defensible barrack near its

gorge. Tongue Point might easily be cut off from the main----