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Engraved hy F. A. Ringler & Co., of New York, from photographs and
drawings by the author.
I. Fossil Shells xviii
II. Map of Maya Empire, from Troano MS xlii
III. Modern Map of Central America, with Maya symbols xliv
IV. Map of Drowned Valleys of Antillean Lands, by Prof. J. W. Spencer, by his permission xlv
V. Map of West Indies, from Troano MS lx
VI. Banana Leaf, a token of hospitality among the South Sea Islanders. From Captain Cook's Atlas 3
VII. Serpent Heads found in Cay's Mausoleum, Chicħen 4
VIII. Serpent Head with Crown, carved on the entablature of the east façade of the west wing of King Canchi's palace at Uxmal 5
IX. Ruins of Prince Coh's Memorial Hall at Chicħen 7
X. Columns of the Portico of Prince Coh's Memorial Hall, discovered by the author 8
XI. Altar at the Entrance of Funeral Chamber in Prince Coh's Memorial Hall, discovered by the author 11
XII. One of the Atlantes supporting the Table of the Altar in Prince Coh's Memorial Hall 12
XIII. Officials at Burmese Embassy at Paris 13
Sculptured Wall in the Chamber at the Foot of Prince Coh's Memorial Hall 14
XVI. Part of the East Fapade of West Wing of King Canchi's Palace at Uxmal, with Cosmic Diagram 16
XVII. Maya Cosmic Diagram 17
XVIII. Sri-Santara, Hindoo Cosmic Diagram 23
XIX. Ensoph, Chaldean Cosmic Diagram 26