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which cr>t times pierciHl liiin through with many sorrows. But he was rtdtt/iKtl, the |)ricc was paid, ere ever he was called into existence. Thus, in this view , redemption and salvation are (lisliiict considerations.

The Preacher unhesitatini;ly believed, uU \.ho leaimtd of the Father would come to Jesus, and that uU woiMJimdly be taught of God. He was a decided l)eliever in the doctrine of ani^els of light, and angels of darkness, of inini^iiTiMg spirits of light, and of demons stimulating to dtHxls of darkness. He looked forward to a judgment /r> co/nc, when countless nuinhers, among the children of men, w ould rise to the resur- rection of danuiation, and, ignorant of the genuine character of the Re- deemer, would call upon the rocks and mountains to fall upon them, and hide them from the wrath of the Lamb ; and, believing hiinself a humble instrument in the hand of God, ordained by Him to the min- istry of reconciliation, he was never so completely happy, as when de- claring the gospel to be believed ; and calling upon men, every where, to receive theglad tidings of salvation. He was persuaded that those, ■who lird down in sorrow, would continue unhappy wanderer?, until the oj)ening of Uiat book, in wiiich every huntan being, every member of Christ was written ; yet he had no idea of any purgation for sin. save what was sullbred by Christ Jesus, W/o, hi/ Hiniatif, purged our sins. Writing of Mr, Winchester to a friend, Mr. Murray thus expressed himself, " Mr. Winchester is full with Mr. Law, and of course preach- es purgatorial satisf(icli<ni. According to these gentlemen, every maa mu^t liiially }>e his ow n Saviour ! li I must sufli-r as much, in my own person, as w ill satisfy divinejustice, how is, or how can Christ Jesus be, juy Saviotir ? li \\us purgatorial doctrine be true, the ministry of re- conciliation, committed to the Apostles, must be fu/se ; " to wit, (iod Was iti Christ reconciling the world unfn himself, not imputing unto thfui ihtir trespasses.^ In fact, I know no persons further from Chris- tianity, genuine Christianity, than such I'niversalists."

Mr. Murray supposed the iiujuietude of unenibo(lied,ordeparted spir- its, a natural efl'crf, derived frou) a cauM\ A> unbelierrrs, they cannot sec the things w hich belong to their peace ; but he greatly rejoiced, that howeviT at prtsrnt enveloped it) darkness, there were, and arc, things that (//./and do belong to their pruce, that the day cometh, when uhat- »uerer is hid shidl bt nnaltd, and, that at the period of the restitution ut nil thing>^, tin- word, the oath of .lehovali was pletlged, that every eye should si-e, and every tongue confess. The Preacher w as j)ersuaded that a /<"jr, even in the present disj)ensation, were elected out of the world, to cir.ljrace the truth, previous to their j)as-ing out of time.

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