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    Yes! in those scenes, where every ancient stream,
Bids memory kindle o'er some lofty theme;
Where teems the soil with records of renown,
Fame's mouldering trophies, Empire's ravish'd crown,
And the deep tones of Inspiration swell,
From each wild Olive-wood, and Alpine dell;
Where heroes slumber, on their battle plains,
'Midst prostrate altars, and deserted fanes,
And Fancy communes, in each lonely spot,
With shades of those who ne'er shall be forgot;
There was your home, and there your power imprest,
With tenfold awe, the pilgrim's glowing breast;
And, as the wind's deep thrills, and mystic sighs,
Wake the wild harp to loftiest harmonies,
Thus at your influence, starting from repose,
Thought, Feeling, Fancy, into grandeur rose.

    Fair Florence! Queen of Arno's lovely vale!
Justice and Truth indignant heard thy tale,