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perity in the institution, which yields a large income, is willing to sacrifice all for the advancement of the world in Truth and Love; and

Whereas, Other institutions for instruction in Christian Science, which are working out their periods of organization, will doubtless follow the example of the Alma Mater after having accomplished the worthy purpose for which they were organized, and the hour has come wherein the great need is for more of the spirit instead of the letter, and Science and Health is adapted to work this result; and

Whereas, The fundamental principle for growth in Christian Science is spiritual formation first, last, and always, while in human growth material organization is first; and

Whereas, Mortals must learn to lose their estimate of the powers that are not ordained of God, and attain the bliss of loving unselfishly, working patiently, and conquering all that is unlike Christ and the example he gave; therefore

Resolved, That we thank the State for its charter, which is the only one ever granted to a legal college for teaching the Science of Mind-healing; that we thank the public for its liberal patronage. And everlasting gratitude is due to the President, for her great and noble work, which we believe will prove a healing for the nations, and bring all men to a knowledge of the true God, uniting them in one common brotherhood.

After due deliberation and earnest discussion it was unanimously voted: That as all debts of the corporation have been paid, it is deemed best to dissolve this corporation, and the same is hereby dissolved.

C. A. Frye, Clerk.