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King Richard the Second, V. iv, v

Uncle, farewell: and cousin too, adieu: 144
Your mother well hath pray'd, and prove you true.

Duch. Come, my old son: I pray God make thee new.



Scene Four

[Another Room in the Castle]

Enter Exton and Servants.

Exton. Didst thou not mark the king, what words he spake?
'Have I no friend will rid me of this living fear?'
Was it not so?

Serv. Those were his very words.

Exton. 'Have I no friend?' quoth he: he spake it twice, 4
And urg'd it twice together, did he not?

Serv. He did.

Exton. And speaking it, he wistly looked on me,
As who should say, 'I would thou wert the man 8
That would divorce this terror from my heart,'
Meaning the king at Pomfret. Come, let's go:
I am the king's friend, and will rid his foe.



Scene Five

[Pomfret. The Dungeon of the Castle]

Enter Richard.

K. Rich. I have been studying how I may compare
This prison where I live unto the world:

Scene Four; cf. n.
7 wistly: wistfully
11 rid: make away with

Scene Five; cf. n.
1 studying: pondering