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The Life and Death of

That staggers thus my person. Exton, thy fierce hand
Hath with the king's blood stain'd the king's own land.
Mount, mount, my soul! thy seat is up on high, 112
Whilst my gross flesh sinks downward, here to die.


Exton. As full of valour as of royal blood:
Both have I spilt; O! would the deed were good;
For now the devil, that told me I did well, 116
Says that this deed is chronicled in hell.
This dead king to the living king I'll bear.
Take hence the rest and give them burial here.



Scene Six

[Windsor. An Apartment in the Castle]

Flourish. Enter Bolingbroke [and] York, with other
Lords and Attendants

Boling. Kind uncle York, the latest news we hear
Is that the rebels have consum'd with fire
Our town of Cicester in Gloucestershire;
But whether they be ta'en or slain we hear not. 4

Enter Northumberland.

Welcome, my lord. What is the news?

North. First, to thy sacred state wish I all happiness.
The next news is: I have to London sent
The heads of Salisbury, Spencer, Blunt, and Kent. 8

110 staggers: makes to reel
113 gross: material

3 Cicester; cf. n.