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King Richard the Second, I. iii

More than my dancing soul doth celebrate
This feast of battle with mine adversary. 92
Most mighty liege, and my companion peers,
Take from my mouth the wish of happy years.
As gentle and as jocund as to jest,
Go I to fight: truth has a quiet breast. 96

K. Rich. Farewell, my lord: securely I espy
Virtue with valour couched in thine eye.
Order the trial, marshal, and begin.

[The King and the Lords take their seats.]

Mar. Harry of Hereford, Lancaster, and Derby, 100
Receive thy lance; and God defend the right!

Boling. [Rising.] Strong as a tower in hope, I cry 'amen.'

Mar. [To an Officer.] Go bear this lance to Thomas, Duke of Norfolk.

First Her. Harry of Hereford, Lancaster, and Derby, 104
Stands here for God, his sovereign, and himself,
On pain to be found false and recreant,
To prove the Duke of Norfolk, Thomas Mowbray,
A traitor to his God, his king, and him; 108
And dares him to set forward to the fight.

Sec. Her. Here standeth Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk,
On pain to be found false and recreant,
Both to defend himself and to approve 112
Henry of Hereford, Lancaster, and Derby,
To God, his sovereign, and to him, disloyal;
Courageously and with a free desire,
Attending but the signal to begin. 116

98 couched: lying
99 Order: take charge of
106 On pain to be: under penalty of being
112 approve: prove
116 Attending: awaiting