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King Richard the Second, I. iv

Scene Four

[London. A Room in the King's Castle]

Enter the King with Bushy, &c., at one door, and the Lord Aumerle at another.

K. Rich. We did observe. Cousin Aumerle,
How far brought you high Hereford on his way?

Aum. I brought high Hereford, if you call him so,
But to the next highway, and there I left him. 4

K. Rich. And say, what store of parting tears were shed?

Aum. Faith, none for me; except the northeast wind,
Which then blew bitterly against our faces,
Awak'd the sleeping rheum, and so by chance 8
Did grace our hollow parting with a tear.

K. Rich. What said our cousin when you parted with him?

Aum. 'Farewell':
And, for my heart disdained that my tongue 12
Should so profane the word, that taught me craft
To counterfeit oppression of such grief
That words seem'd buried in my sorrow's grave.
Marry, would the word 'farewell' have lengthen'd hours 16
And added years to his short banishment,
He should have had a volume of farewells;
But, since it would not, he had none of me.

K. Rich. He is our cousin, cousin; but 'tis doubt, 20
When time shall call him home from banishment,
Whether our kinsman come to see his friends.
Ourself and Bushy, Bagot here and Green

2 high: arrogant
8 rheum: watery secretion of the eyes
12–14 Cf. n.