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King Richard the Second, II. iii

But as I come, I come for Lancaster.
And, noble uncle, I beseech your Grace
Look on my wrongs with an indifferent eye: 116
You are my father, for methinks in you
I see old Gaunt alive: O! then, my father,
Will you permit that I shall stand condemn'd
A wandering vagabond; my rights and royalties 120
Pluck'd from my arms perforce and given away
To upstart unthrifts? Wherefore was I born?
If that my cousin king be King of England,
It must be granted I am Duke of Lancaster. 124
You have a son, Aumerle, my noble cousin;
Had you first died, and he been thus trod down,
He should have found his uncle Gaunt a father,
To rouse his wrongs and chase them to the bay. 128
I am denied to sue my livery here,
And yet my letters patents give me leave:
My father's goods are all distrain'd and sold,
And these and all are all amiss employ'd. 132
What would you have me do? I am a subject,
And challenge law: attorneys are denied me,
And therefore personally I lay my claim
To my inheritance of free descent. 136

North. The noble duke hath been too much abus'd.

Ross. It stands your Grace upon to do him right.

Willo. Base men by his endowments are made great.

York. My lords of England, let me tell you this: 140
I have had feeling of my cousin's wrongs,
And labour'd all I could to do him right;

116 indifferent: impartial
122 unthrifts: ne'er-do-wells
128 to the bay; cf. n.
131 distrain'd: confiscated
134 challenge: claim as right
138 stands . . . upon: is incumbent upon