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The Life and Death of

Here did she fall a tear; here, in this place, 104
I'll set a bank of rue, sour herb of grace;
Rue, even for ruth, here shortly shall be seen,
In the remembrance of a weeping queen.




Scene One

[Westminster Hall]

Enter as to the Parliament [—the Lords spiritual on the right side of the throne, the Lords temporal on the left, the Commons below—] Bolingbroke, Aumerle, Northumberland, Percy, Fitzwater, Surrey, [Bishop of] Carlisle, Abbot of Westminster [and another Lord]. Herald, Officers, and Bagot.

Boling. Call forth Bagot.
Now, Bagot, freely speak thy mind;
What thou dost know of noble Gloucester's death,
Who wrought it with the king, and who perform'd 4
The bloody office of his timeless end.

Bagot. Then set before my face the Lord Aumerle.

Boling. Cousin, stand forth, and look upon that man.

Bagot. My lord Aumerle, I know your daring tongue 8
Scorns to unsay what once it hath deliver'd.
In that dead time when Gloucester's death was plotted,

104 fall: let drop
105 rue: a garden plant, 'herb of grace'
106 ruth: pity

1–90 cf. n.
4 wrought: cf. n.
5 office: duty
timeless: untimely