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The Life and Death of

York. I will be his conduct. Exit.

Boling. Lords, you that here are under our arrest,
Procure your sureties for your days of answer.
[To Carlisle.] Little are we beholding to your love, 160
And little look'd for at your helping hands.

Enter Richard and York [and Officers bearing the Crown].

K. Rich. Alack! why am I sent for to a king
Before I have shook off the regal thoughts
Wherewith I reign'd? I hardly yet have learn'd 164
To insinuate, flatter, bow, and bend my knee:
Give sorrow leave awhile to tutor me
To this submission. Yet I well remember
The favours of these men: were they not mine? 168
Did they not sometime cry, 'All hail!' to me?
So Judas did to Christ: but He, in twelve,
Found truth in all but one; I, in twelve thousand, none.
God save the king! Will no man say, amen? 172
Am I both priest and clerk? well then, amen.
God save the king! although I be not he;
And yet, amen, if heaven do think him me.
To do what service am I sent for hither? 176

York. To do that office of thine own good will
Which tired majesty did make thee offer,
The resignation of thy state and crown
To Henry Bolingbroke. 180

K. Rich. Give me the crown. Here, cousin, seize the crown;
Here cousin,
On this side my hand and on that side thine.

157 conduct: escort
159 sureties: bail
answer: trial
165 insinuate: ingratiate myself
168 favours: faces
169 sometime: formerly