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King Richard the Second, V. i

To worthy danger and deserved death. 68

North. My guilt be on my head, and there an end.
Take leave and part; for you must part forthwith.

K. Rich. Doubly divorc'd! Bad men, ye violate
A two-fold marriage; twixt my crown and me, 72
And then, betwixt me and my married wife.
Let me unkiss the oath 'twixt thee and me;
And yet not so, for with a kiss 'twas made.
Part us, Northumberland: I towards the north, 76
Where shivering cold and sickness pines the clime;
My wife to France: from whence, set forth in pomp,
She came adorned hither like sweet May,
Sent back like Hallowmas or short'st of day. 80

Queen. And must we be divided? must we part?

K. Rich. Ay, hand from hand, my love, and heart from heart.

Queen. Banish us both and send the king with me.

North. That were some love but little policy. 84

Queen. Then whither he goes, thither let me go.

K. Rich. So two, together weeping, make one woe.
Weep thou for me in France, I for thee here;
Better far off, than near, be ne'er the near. 88
Go, count thy ways with sighs, I mine with groans.

Queen. So longest way shall have the longest moans.

K. Rich. Twice for one step I'll groan, the way being short,
And piece the way out with a heavy heart. 92
Come, come, in wooing sorrow let's be brief,
Since, wedding it, there is such length in grief.
One kiss shall stop our mouths, and dumbly part;

68 worthy: well justified
74 unkiss: undo with a kiss
77 pines: afflicts
80 Hallowmas: All Saints' Day, November 1
88 near; cf. n.