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The White House
President Richard Nixon's Daily Diary
 (See Travel Record for Travel Activity)
Place Day Began Date (Mo. Day. Yr.)  
NOVEMBER 26, 1969
8:44 am Friday


In Out Lo LD
8:44 10:02

The President hosted a breakfast in the Family Dining Room of the Residence for members of Congress. For a list of attendees, see APPENDIX "A".


The President went to his office accompanied by Congressman Leslie Arends.

10:05 10:08

Press Secy, Ronald L. Ziegler joined the meeting.


Congressman Leslie Arends departed.

10:13 10:17

The President went to the Roosevelt Room for the signing ceremony of H. R. 14001, an act to amend the Military Selective Services Act of 1967. For a list of the attendees, see APPENDIX "B".

The President returned to his office and met with:

10:17 10:37
H. R. Haldeman, Asst
10:20 10:37
Henry A. Kissinger, Asst
10:37 10:55

The President met with Secy of Defense, Melvin R. Laird.

11:00 11:10

The President met with his Press Secy, Ronald L. Ziegler.

The President met with:

11:15 11:50
Arthur F. Burns, Counsellor
11:18 11:20
Ronald L. Ziegler, Press Secy

The President met with:

11:50 1:25
John D. Ehrlichman, Asst
11:50 12:15
John Price, Spec Asst
12:15 12:40
Robert P. Mayo, Director, BOB
12:15 12:40
James R. Schlesinger, Acting Dep Dir, BOB
12:40 1:25
H. R. Haldeman, Asst
2:40 2:55

The President met with his Asst, H. R. Haldeman.

2:55 3:02

The President met with his Personal Secy, Rose Mary Woods.