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1314 A.D.]

The Battle of Bannockburn.


This vow he afterwards fulfilled at Oxford, and provided the expenses, notwithstanding the remonstrance of Hugh le Despenser." Such was the origin of Oriel College.

De Valence, Earl of Pembroke having seen King Edward safely off the battle-field, did not accompany him in his flight. Probably his horse was killed, for he escaped on foot, and made his way to Carlisle.

There remains to be mentioned the loss suffered by the victors in this great battle. It was insignificant compared with that of the English. The only knights of renown who are known to have fallen were Sir William de Vipont and Sir Walter de Ros. The last-named was Edward de Brus's dearest friend, and the brother of his paramour, Isabel de Ros.[1]

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  1. Edward obtained a dispensation to marry Isabel de Ros, by whom he had a son Alexander; but it was only dated June 1, 1317 a few months before his death, so it is not likely that the marriage ever took place.