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THE following piece is printed in Spaniſh, under the title of the Castelvini and Monteses; the names of the families which in Shakespear are called Mountagues and Capulets; but, the tranſlator, to render it more familiar to the Engliſh reader, has printed it under the title of the Engliſh play, from which it ſcarcely differs in any thing except the cataſtrophe, and ſome ſcenes that have no manner of connection with the main ſubject.

These ſcenes, indeed, occur frequently, and for that reaſon, the editor has not tranſlated the Spaniſh comedy from beginning to end, but contented himſelf with giving a general plan of Lopes de Vega's piece, and a tranſlation of ſuch ſcenes only as anſwer to others in Shakespear's tragedy.