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  • ESCALUS, Prince of Verona.
  • PARIS, a young Nobleman, Kinsman to the Prince.
MONTAGUE, Heads of two hostile Houses.
  • UNCLE to Capulet.
  • ROMEO, Son to Montague.
  • MERCUTIO, Kinsman to the Prince, and Friend of Romeo.
  • BENVOLIO, nephew to Montague, and Friend to Romeo.
  • TYBALT, Nephew to Lady Capulet.
  • FRIAR LAURENCE, a Franciscan.
  • FRIAR JOHN, of the same Order.
SAMPSON, Servants to Capulet.
  • PETER, another Servant to Capulet.
  • ABRAM, Servant to Montague.
  • An Apothecary.
  • Three Musicians.
  • CHORUS. Boy, Page to Paris; an Officer.

  • LADY MONTAGUE, Wife to Montague.
  • LADY CAPULET, Wife to Capulet.
  • JULIET, Daughter to Capulet.
  • Nurse to Juliet.

Citizens of Verona: Male and Female Relations to both Houses; Maskers, Guards, Watchmen, and Attendants.

Scene, during the greater part of the Play, in Verona; once, in the fifth act, at Mantua.