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The sky’s blue scroll records Thy wondrous glory—
The cycling stars but punctuate the story.
Winter’s white sheen shows Thy transfigura­tion.
And Autumn’s ’’burning bush" Thy pro­clamation.
From morning’s golden dawning
To sunset’s ruddy fire,
Thou art my “Vision Splendid,"
And Thou my soul’s desire.


Thou art my Vision Holy,
Thou spotless lamb of God;
Thou Fire and Thou Refiner,
Thou living blossoming Rod.
Forever is Thy holiness before me—
Thy love the gleaming banner floating o’er me ;
Thy righteousness the robe Thy saints are wearing;
Thy joy their happy faces all declaring.
O beckoning Hand of Jesus!
O pleading Face of love!
Be still my Vision Holy,
Till I dwell with Thee above.